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WONDERBOY - The Greatest Band on Earth - Tribute

Formed in the depths of the infinite wasteland that is Illinois, Wonderboy is hell bent on rocking the songs of Tenacious D until the world is save from evil. Impeccible musicianship, devastating good looks, and perfect comedic timing make this duo an unstoppable force that must be reckoned with. Dare you witness the power of Wonderboy?


Catch us at The Cowboy Monkey's open mic night on Monday, April 2nd. The show starts at 10 PM, and we'll go on sometime after that. Quit your day job, focus on your craft.

Join us on Myspace! http://www.myspace.com/tenaciousdtributeband



Wonderboy performs all the rock Tenacious D has to offer, and then a second helping of rock, and then a third, and a fouth, and so on until you purge and come crawling back for more... songs like "Tribute", "Rock Your Socks", "Double Team", "Dio", and "The Road". And what Tenacious D set would be complete without the love ballad "Fuck Her Gently", and of course their namesake "Wonderboy"? Not this set, buddy.  It's all here like a huge pile of pungent rockingness!



Wonderboy is your friend

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